be, feel, look, sound

The cool water felt lovely after being in the hot sun.

Your idea of a day on the beach sounds lovely.

particularly, really, truly, very

She looked really lovely in the blue dress.

absolutely, perfectly, quite, simply

She has an absolutely lovely face.

rather (esp. BrE)
Lovely is used with these nouns: ↑baby, ↑beach, ↑bloke, ↑blossom, ↑bride, ↑clothes, ↑colour, ↑complexion, ↑countryside, ↑couple, ↑day, ↑evening, ↑face, ↑figure, ↑flavour, ↑flower, ↑garden, ↑gift, ↑girl, ↑holiday, ↑horse, ↑house, ↑kid, ↑lad, ↑lady, ↑lunch, ↑meal, ↑melody, ↑memory, ↑morning, ↑people, ↑person, ↑personality, ↑photograph, ↑picture, ↑piece, ↑scenery, ↑scent, ↑setting, ↑shade, ↑smell, ↑sound, ↑spot, ↑stretch, ↑sunset, ↑surprise, ↑surroundings, ↑thing, ↑touch, ↑view, ↑voice, ↑walk, ↑weather, ↑wife

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