1 character
bright, bubbly, extrovert (esp. BrE), jovial, lively, outgoing, sparkling, vibrant, vivacious
attractive, charming, lovely (esp. BrE), nice, pleasant, warm
charismatic, colourful/colorful, larger-than-life
engaging, magnetic, winning

her amiable nature and easy-going personality

dominant, dynamic, forceful, formidable, powerful, strong
vulnerable (BrE), weak

a troubled man who had a vulnerable personality

distinct, distinctive, individual, unique

She manages to project a very distinct personality.

dual, multiple, split

He developed a split personality after the crash.


Addictive personalities can run in families.

be, have

Barbara is/has a very forceful personality.


The events of her early life shaped her personality.

express, reflect

His choice of clothes reflects his personality.

bring out

She has brought out her husband's personality since their relationship began.

add (esp. AmE)

Interesting displays can add personality to your store window.


He had no screen presence and lacked any real personality.

fit, match, suit

The job didn't really suit my personality.

characteristic, quirk (esp. AmE), trait
disorder, flaw, problem
assessment (esp. AmE), profile, test

From your personality profile, it seems you're interested in politics.

All candidates have to undergo a personality test.

clash, conflict

There was a personality clash between two members of the committee.

personality conflicts between a faculty member and a student

an aspect of sb's personality, a side of sb's personality

For the first time she was seeing the more unpleasant aspects of her husband's personality.

a clash of personalities
the force of sb's personality, the power of sb's personality, the strength of sb's personality

He has achieved success by the sheer strength of his personality.

impose your personality on sth, stamp your personality on sth

She stamped her personality on the company.

2 famous person
famous, great, important, leading, popular, prominent, top, well-known
political, sports
media, radio, television, TV
on-air (AmE)

a broadcast network with well-known on-air personalities


the personality cult surrounding Stalin

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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