Beautifully is used with these adjectives: ↑balanced, ↑carved, ↑coloured, ↑elegant, ↑furnished, ↑groomed, ↑marked, ↑mellow, ↑patterned, ↑polished, ↑rounded, ↑shaped, ↑simple, ↑situated, ↑smooth, ↑soft, ↑sunny, ↑tailored, ↑tender, ↑warm
Beautifully is used with these verbs: ↑balance, ↑capture, ↑contrast, ↑decorate, ↑design, ↑draw, ↑dress, ↑embroider, ↑evoke, ↑execute, ↑illuminate, ↑illustrate, ↑judge, ↑mount, ↑paint, ↑perform, ↑phrase, ↑play, ↑print, ↑produce, ↑restore, ↑sing, ↑structure, ↑succeed, ↑time, ↑work, ↑write

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