appear, be, look, seem, strike sb as
consider sth, find sth

It was considered unusual for a woman to study medicine.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
decidedly, distinctly, highly, most, particularly, truly (esp. AmE)

This is a highly unusual case.

a little, slightly, etc.
by no means, hardly, not at all

It's not at all unusual to feel very tired in the early months of pregnancy.

enough, sufficiently

The arrival of a taxi was unusual enough; an unknown woman getting out of it was sensational.


It's unusual for a woman to do this job.


The organization is unusual in several respects.

Unusual is used with these nouns: ↑angle, ↑arrangement, ↑aspect, ↑case, ↑circumstance, ↑combination, ↑degree, ↑expression, ↑feature, ↑habit, ↑incident, ↑method, ↑move, ↑nature, ↑occurrence, ↑phenomenon, ↑punishment, ↑request, ↑shape, ↑sight, ↑situation, ↑smell, ↑step, ↑twist, ↑variety

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