bring sth to

The chairperson brought the meeting to a close.

come to, draw to

The decade drew to a close with the threat of war hanging over Europe.

at the close of, by the close of, towards/toward the close of

At the close of trading, he had lost thousands of pounds on the stock market.

1 door, book, eyes, etc.
firmly, tightly

He closed the door firmly.

gently, quietly, silently, softly

She gently closed the door behind her.

2 shop/store, business, road, etc.
permanently, temporarily

Tomorrow college officially closes for the vacation.

down, off, up

That factory's been closed down now.


The museum has been temporarily closed to the public.

adj., adv.
1 near
come, draw, get, move

She grew increasingly nervous as the audition drew closer.

keep, stay

Keep close to me.

hold sb, hug sb, pull sb
extremely, remarkably, very
fairly, quite, reasonably, relatively
awfully (esp. AmE), dangerously, frighteningly, perilously, precariously, uncomfortably

The car came perilously close to running her down.


Victory was tantalizingly close.


Their birthdays are very close together.


Get close to the microphone.

2 friendly and loving
be, feel, seem

The two sisters seemed very close.

become, grow

After the death of their parents the two children grew very close.

bring sb

These horrific events brought the family closer.


He was very close to his older brother.

Close is used with these nouns: ↑acquaintance, ↑adherence, ↑adviser, ↑affinity, ↑aide, ↑alignment, ↑alliance, ↑ally, ↑analogy, ↑analysis, ↑approximation, ↑associate, ↑association, ↑attachment, ↑attention, ↑bond, ↑call, ↑check, ↑circle, ↑collaboration, ↑colleague, ↑combat, ↑communion, ↑community, ↑companion, ↑companionship, ↑comparison, ↑confinement, ↑confines, ↑connection, ↑consultation, ↑contact, ↑contest, ↑control, ↑cooperation, ↑coordination, ↑correlation, ↑correspondence, ↑cousin, ↑dialogue, ↑election, ↑embrace, ↑encounter, ↑escape, ↑examination, ↑eye, ↑family, ↑fight, ↑finish, ↑fit, ↑follower, ↑formation, ↑friend, ↑friendship, ↑game, ↑guard, ↑imitation, ↑inspection, ↑integration, ↑interest, ↑intimacy, ↑investigation, ↑involvement, ↑kin, ↑liaison, ↑link, ↑look, ↑monitoring, ↑neighbour, ↑observation, ↑observer, ↑parallel, ↑partnership, ↑proximity, ↑pursuit, ↑questioning, ↑race, ↑range, ↑rapport, ↑reading, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑relative, ↑resemblance, ↑rival, ↑score, ↑scrutiny, ↑season, ↑shave, ↑similarity, ↑study, ↑substitute, ↑supervision, ↑supporter, ↑surveillance, ↑thing, ↑tie, ↑touch, ↑union, ↑vicinity, ↑view, ↑vote, ↑watch
Close is used with these verbs: ↑bend, ↑cling, ↑hug, ↑lean, ↑press, ↑snuggle, ↑step, ↑stick, ↑venture

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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