1 person with an important job in business
chief, senior
high-flying (esp. BrE), high-level (esp. AmE), high-powered, high-ranking (esp. AmE), top, top-level (AmE)

a top executive in a large corporation


contracts to prevent the loss of key executives


one of the most successful TV executives around

former, retired
female, woman

The contract gives a female executive maternity leave rights.

business, company, corporate, industry

oil company executives

account, advertising, finance, legal (BrE), marketing, public relations (abbreviated to PR), sales
media, network (esp. AmE), news (AmE), record (AmE), studio, television, TV

One TV network executive has already called for more deregulation.

airline, auto (AmE), oil (esp. AmE), technology (AmE)
2 part of a government/organization
central, national

She is a member of the party's national executive.

government, party, union (esp. BrE)

Conservatives are believers in a strong executive.

ruling (BrE)
control (esp. BrE)

Parliament's ability to control the executive

decide sth
member (esp. BrE)

the council's executive member for education (BrE)

meeting (esp. BrE)
board, committee
a member of an executive
Executive is used with these nouns: ↑appointment, ↑architect, ↑assistant, ↑board, ↑boardroom, ↑body, ↑box, ↑branch, ↑chairman, ↑chef, ↑committee, ↑compensation, ↑council, ↑desk, ↑dining room, ↑director, ↑discretion, ↑editor, ↑jet, ↑leadership, ↑lounge, ↑mansion, ↑meeting, ↑office, ↑order, ↑paper, ↑power, ↑presidency, ↑producer, ↑recruitment, ↑retreat, ↑secretary, ↑session, ↑suite, ↑summary, ↑toy

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