big, heavy

They succeeded in silencing the enemy guns.

anti-aircraft, anti-tank, artillery, field, hand (usually handgun), machine, semi-automatic

a.50-calibre/.50-caliber machine gun

.45-calibre/.45-caliber, .50-calibre/.50-caliber, etc.
stun, taser, tranquillizer/tranquilizer
laser, radar (= used by the police to check the speed of cars)
harpoon, spear (usually speargun)
glue (AmE), nail, pellet, spray, staple
fake, replica, toy
squirt, water (both AmE) (water pistol in BrE)
be armed with, carry, have, tote (informal, esp. AmE)

Look out! He has a gun!

load, reload

I loaded the gun with my last two bullets.

draw, produce, pull, pull out

He pulled a gun from his pocket.

brandish, wave, wave around, wield

She brandished the gun menacingly.

aim, hold, point, raise

He raised his gun, aimed and fired.


He grinned and cocked the gun with his thumb.


Enemy ship approaching! Man the guns!

handle, use
fire, shoot
drop, lay down, lower, put down
holster (esp. AmE)

Jorge quickly holstered his gun.

blaze, fire, go off

Guns were firing and grenades going off all around.

aim at sb/sth, point at sb/sth
shoot sth

This new gun shoots a laser beam at the target.

be mounted

There was a machine gun mounted on the back of the Jeep.

control (esp. AmE), law

a state that has strict gun control laws

a gun control advocate

crime, violence

Anyone can be affected by gun violence.


These kids have grown up in a drugs and gun culture.

safety (esp. AmE)

My big brother taught me about gun safety.

ban (esp. AmE)
amnesty (BrE)

The police pointed to the success of a gun amnesty earlier this year.


the powerful gun lobby in the US

shop, store (both esp. AmE)
dealer, maker, manufacturer
ownership, possession
enthusiast, nut (esp. AmE)
show (AmE)
attack, battle
emplacement, position
carriage (esp. BrE)

They grudgingly took off their gun belts and holsters.

the barrel of a gun

I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun.

guns and ammunition

We're very short of guns and ammunition.

hold a gun on sb, hold a gun to sb's head

Two armed men held a gun to his head and made him empty the safe.

a/the smoking gun (= something that shows that sb has done sth wrong or illegal)

There's no smoking gun that they have found to date.

turn a gun on yourself

The gunman turned the gun on himself.

Gun is used with these nouns as the object: ↑engine

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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