be, prove, seem
make sth

an attempt to make the reforms acceptable to both sides

consider sth, deem sth, find sth

We must come up with a solution that our customers will find acceptable.

highly, very

Most people found the drink's taste to be highly acceptable.

completely, entirely, fully, perfectly, quite, totally

Yogurt is a perfectly acceptable substitute for cream in cooking.

fairly, reasonably
(not) remotely

These actions cannot be considered remotely acceptable in a civilized society.

generally, universally, widely
easily, readily

Are all political groups equally acceptable?

minimally (esp. AmE)
commercially, culturally, environmentally, ethically, grammatically, morally, politically, socially

a grammatically acceptable sentence

socially acceptable terminology


a compromise that is acceptable to both sides

the boundaries of acceptable … , the bounds of acceptable … , the limits of acceptable … 

This crosses the boundaries of acceptable conduct.

Acceptable is used with these nouns: ↑alternative, ↑answer, ↑balance, ↑behaviour, ↑compromise, ↑degree, ↑excuse, ↑explanation, ↑face, ↑level, ↑limit, ↑offer, ↑range, ↑result, ↑return, ↑risk, ↑solution, ↑standard, ↑state, ↑substitute

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