Highly is used with these adjectives: ↑abstract, ↑acceptable, ↑accessible, ↑accomplished, ↑accurate, ↑active, ↑adaptable, ↑addictive, ↑adept, ↑advanced, ↑advantageous, ↑aggressive, ↑agitated, ↑ambiguous, ↑ambitious, ↑ambivalent, ↑amenable, ↑amused, ↑amusing, ↑annoyed, ↑annoying, ↑articulate, ↑artificial, ↑authoritarian, ↑beneficial, ↑bureaucratic, ↑capable, ↑centralized, ↑characteristic, ↑charged, ↑coloured, ↑commendable, ↑committed, ↑compatible, ↑competent, ↑competitive, ↑complex, ↑complicated, ↑complimentary, ↑concentrated, ↑conducive, ↑confident, ↑confidential, ↑confused, ↑confusing, ↑congested, ↑conscious, ↑conservative, ↑consistent, ↑conspicuous, ↑constrained, ↑contagious, ↑contaminated, ↑contentious, ↑contrived, ↑controversial, ↑convenient, ↑conventional, ↑corrosive, ↑creative, ↑credible, ↑creditable, ↑critical, ↑cultivated, ↑cultured, ↑damaging, ↑dangerous, ↑debatable, ↑decorative, ↑dedicated, ↑defective, ↑delighted, ↑demanding, ↑dependent, ↑descriptive, ↑desirable, ↑destructive, ↑detailed, ↑detrimental, ↑developed, ↑disconcerting, ↑disorganized, ↑disruptive, ↑dissatisfied, ↑dissimilar, ↑distasteful, ↑distinctive, ↑distressing, ↑disturbed, ↑disturbing, ↑diverse, ↑doubtful, ↑dramatic, ↑dubious, ↑dynamic, ↑eccentric, ↑economical, ↑educated, ↑effective, ↑efficient, ↑elaborate, ↑elusive, ↑embarrassing, ↑emotional, ↑emotive, ↑encouraging, ↑energetic, ↑enigmatic, ↑enjoyable, ↑entertaining, ↑enthusiastic, ↑erotic, ↑erratic, ↑exceptional, ↑excitable, ↑excited, ↑expensive, ↑experienced, ↑explicit, ↑explosive, ↑exposed, ↑expressive, ↑fashionable, ↑favourable, ↑fertile, ↑flammable, ↑flavoured, ↑flawed, ↑flexible, ↑fluid, ↑gifted, ↑gregarious, ↑honoured, ↑illegal, ↑illogical, ↑illuminating, ↑imaginative, ↑immoral, ↑imperfect, ↑implausible, ↑important, ↑impractical, ↑impressed, ↑impressionable, ↑impressive, ↑improbable, ↑improper, ↑inaccurate, ↑inadvisable, ↑inappropriate, ↑inconsistent, ↑inconvenient, ↑indebted, ↑ineffective, ↑inefficient, ↑infectious, ↑influential, ↑informative, ↑inquisitive, ↑insensitive, ↑insoluble, ↑instructive, ↑instrumental, ↑insulting, ↑intelligent, ↑intensive, ↑interactive, ↑interesting, ↑intolerant, ↑intricate, ↑intriguing, ↑intuitive, ↑inventive, ↑ironic, ↑irregular, ↑irresponsible, ↑irritating, ↑knowledgeable, ↑lethal, ↑likely, ↑limited, ↑literate, ↑logical, ↑lucrative, ↑luminous, ↑marketable, ↑misleading, ↑mobile, ↑motivated, ↑negative, ↑nervous, ↑nutritious, ↑offensive, ↑optimistic, ↑organized, ↑original, ↑ornamental, ↑ornate, ↑orthodox, ↑paid, ↑patterned, ↑perceptive, ↑perishable, ↑personal, ↑persuasive, ↑pertinent, ↑plausible, ↑pleasurable, ↑poisonous, ↑polarized, ↑polished, ↑political, ↑polluted, ↑popular, ↑populated, ↑portable, ↑positive, ↑potent, ↑practical, ↑pragmatic, ↑precise, ↑predictable, ↑preferable, ↑prejudiced, ↑prestigious, ↑privileged, ↑probable, ↑productive, ↑professional, ↑proficient, ↑profitable, ↑progressive, ↑prolific, ↑promising, ↑prone, ↑protective, ↑provocative, ↑qualified, ↑questionable, ↑radioactive, ↑rational, ↑reactionary, ↑readable, ↑realistic, ↑recognizable, ↑reflective, ↑regrettable, ↑regular, ↑relevant, ↑reliable, ↑religious, ↑reminiscent, ↑repetitive, ↑representative, ↑reputable, ↑resilient, ↑resistant, ↑respectable, ↑responsible, ↑responsive, ↑restricted, ↑restrictive, ↑revealing, ↑rewarding, ↑risky, ↑romantic, ↑satisfactory, ↑satisfying, ↑scented, ↑sceptical, ↑scientific, ↑secret, ↑secretive, ↑secure, ↑seductive, ↑selective, ↑sensitive, ↑significant, ↑simplistic, ↑skilful, ↑skilled, ↑soluble, ↑sophisticated, ↑specialized, ↑specific, ↑stable, ↑stimulating, ↑stressful, ↑subjective, ↑successful, ↑suggestive, ↑suitable, ↑supportive, ↑susceptible, ↑suspect, ↑suspicious, ↑symbolic, ↑symmetrical, ↑sympathetic, ↑talented, ↑technical, ↑theoretical, ↑tolerant, ↑toxic, ↑trained, ↑transferable, ↑typical, ↑uncertain, ↑uncomfortable, ↑undesirable, ↑unlikely, ↑unnatural, ↑unorthodox, ↑unpleasant, ↑unpopular, ↑unstable, ↑unsuitable, ↑unusual, ↑useful, ↑valuable, ↑variable, ↑varied, ↑venomous, ↑versatile, ↑visible, ↑vocal, ↑volatile, ↑vulnerable
Highly is used with these verbs: ↑appreciate, ↑coordinate, ↑correlate, ↑dilute, ↑doubt, ↑encourage, ↑feature, ↑influence, ↑magnify, ↑place, ↑praise, ↑price, ↑rank, ↑rate, ↑recommend, ↑regard, ↑reward, ↑score, ↑suggest, ↑tax, ↑value

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